Oct 022015
Webster Technique during Pregnancy

Doctors of chiropractic utilize a breadth of neuromusculoskeletal knowledge to evaluate a person for postural asymmetry, decreased ranges of motion and reduced functionality. The Webster Technique applies these resources to the alignment and function of a pregnant woman’s pelvis, through evaluation of the boney structures of the joints, ligaments and muscles. By promoting balance throughout […]

Nov 232010

New mothers come into my office everyday complaining of the same constellation of symptoms. Some call it “nursing back”, or say “you know, breastfeeding stuff” as they point to their neck, shoulders and upper back. Their breasts are enlarged, they spend their days holding their ever-growing babies, looking down at them as they are nursing, […]

Aug 192005

Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help to minimize the typical discomforts associated with this time of transformation as well as facilitating an optimal labor and delivery. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is gentle, safe and effective, and is endorsed by a prominent medical doctor: “It is our personal theory that chiropractic care in pregnancy can help […]

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Aug 192005

Breast milk is absolutely the most important and perfect food an infant can have. It is especially important during the first six months, but the numerous benefits continue into the second year of the baby’s life and beyond. Exclusive breastfeeding is optimal until six months of age. Breast milk continues to be an important source […]

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Aug 162005

Why is Chiropractic care important for babies and children? Doctors of Chiropractic recognize the vital relationship between the structure of the body and the way the body functions. They treat “subluxationsâ€? which are alterations of spinal joint motion or position that effect both the surrounding muscles and connective tissues as well as the nerves that […]

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