Mar 242017

I remember all too well when I was the bleary-eyed, drain-bamaged mom of a newborn, struggling to understand how to work my Maya Wrap. In my sleep-deprived, hormonal brain fog, I rewound the instructional DVD that had come with this ring sling at least a dozen times, trying to follow the demonstrator’s movements, and I finally flung it across the room in frustrated defeat. I had totally planned to be a connected, attached, babywearing mama and looked forward to this my entire pregnancy, but in that moment I resigned myself to lugging her around in her detachable bucket seats.

It wasn’t until several weeks later that an experienced friend suggested I try a different type first, as it might be easier to get the hang of at first. Lo, it turned out that a mei-tai style (BabyHawk, to be specific) was just the ticket for the first few months. I later added the ring sling back to our carrier wardrobe, once I had the mental wherewithal to get past the learning curve, and added the Ergo in to the mix as well. Without the freedom to experiment, though, I might never have figured this out.

With this common experience in mind, Whole Mama Whole Child is delighted to announce that we are starting a Lending Library just for baby carriers! If there’s a style you’ve been wanting to try, or if you’re new to the concept altogether, you can “check out” one of ours and try it out at home for a week or so! A great time to drop by and do this would be on Fridays during or after our nursing support group, so someone can help you try them on and give you pointers, but anytime during regular business is fine, just give us a buzz so we can make sure we’re ready to assist you.

If you’re a veteran babywearer who has some gently used slings you’d like to donate to the library, we would of course be eternally grateful.  You can gift them to WMWC permanently OR loan to us temporarily (i.e. if you still plan to have more babies but are taking a break from that stage for a few years; or if you’re done but eventually want to pass it on to a family member or friend in the future).

We’re excited about this idea as a way to connect with out community – please help us spread the word!

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