Mar 022017

Meet the Midwives at Rose City!

Rose City Midwifery is a new Portland midwifery partnership born of two experienced Portland area midwives and a couple of terrific student midwives, joining the radiant group of mother/baby centered practitioners at the SweetLight Center as of March 1. Melissa Gordon-Magnus, CPM/LDM and Liz Clary, CPM/LDM, are proud to have joined together offering pregnancy confirmation, holistic and integrative prenatal care and education, homebirth services including waterbirth, breastfeeding support and education, postpartum well-woman care, and infancy education and well-baby care for 6-8 weeks after the birth. Check out their website: ~

Melissa Gordon-Magnus is a native Oregonian who’s raised 3 homebirth kiddos while being a busy midwife. She’s been attending births in the home setting for 20 years and continues to enjoy serving families as an educator and support throughout the childbearing year in a relationship-based model of care.

Liz Clary is a Northwest native who was raised in White Salmon, WA. She has been attending births as a midwife since 2013 and focuses on providing midwifery care that is kind-hearted, inclusive, and evidence-based. Liz is deeply passionate about midwifery on both a personal and political level and sees birth as a time when women should feel completely empowered and revered.

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