Oct 052015

Dr. Alissa 1

Dr. Alissa Fields found the benefits of Chiropractic care along a personal healing path which lead her towards a life of helping others relieve pain and maximize their health and happiness. A Portland native, Dr. Alissa naturally gravitated towards learning how to help her family, especially their youngest most vulnerable members and the women bringing them into the world. Using her personal life as a foundation she now practices focusing on pediatric care and women’s health with an emphasis on perinatal care. She also specializes in correcting jaw dysfunction.

Having graduated cum laude from University of Western States in 2015 Dr. Alissa has a broad base of knowledge to draw upon in finding a personalized plan of care for each individual. Treatments consist of gentle spinal manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and patient educationmeant to build momentum away from pain through promoting proper function. In addition togeneral Chiropractic care Dr. Alissa has continued her education by studying Infant Cranio-sacral Therapy, Webster Technique, Fascial Distortion Model, Performtex taping and is always pursuing new treatment techniques. She’s curious, inquisitive, excited and inspired to continue advancing her knowledge in order to provide the best care possible.

Outside of the clinic Dr. Alissa can be found spending time with her friends and family, being outdoors, and cooking delicious food.

Dr. Alissa 2

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