Oct 022015

Doctors of chiropractic utilize a breadth of neuromusculoskeletal knowledge to

evaluate a person for postural asymmetry, decreased ranges of motion and

reduced functionality. The Webster Technique applies these resources to the

alignment and function of a pregnant woman’s pelvis, through evaluation of the

boney structures of the joints, ligaments and muscles. By promoting balance

throughout these structures, through gentle adjusting and manual therapy,

uterine function, position of the baby and pelvic contraction during labor can be

optimized. This technique is often utilized for mothers of breech babies, but can

be used with any pregnant woman to help optimize the baby’s position for birth.

During the treatment, the doctor of chiropractic will not apply any direct pressure

to the baby to get them to turn, but will help encourage optimal positioning of the

baby by aligning the pelvic structures to promote as much room as possible for

baby to engage for the most ideal delivery.


Through the course of a pregnancy the mother’s body is making dramatic

changes daily that can often contribute to back pain, and while back pain in

pregnancy is common, it is not normal, and there are many ways to address it so

that she can be more comfortable. Not only is the mother having to make new

postural changes with her ever growing belly, there are hormonal fluctuations

occurring that contribute to possible injury or pelvic misalignment by creating

instability in the joints.


Regular chiropractic and massage can not only promote ideal positioning of the

baby to help encourage easier labors, but can also help decrease or eliminate

back pain through pregnancy; making it ideal for both mother and child.


By Dr. Emily Watters, October 2nd, 2015

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